viernes, junio 23, 2006

Seminario de Bandas en Bogotá (Colombia), por John Stanley

XII International Seminar for Bands, Bogotá

By John Stanley

The XII International Seminar for Bands will be held in Auditorio Compensar, Bogotá, Colombia June 21-23, 2006. The event is sponsored annually by Yamaha Music Latin America, S.A. in Central America, South America and Caribbean to improve the quality of performance and literature of bands, and support the wind band directors and composers of the regions to improve the musical and social growth.

Yamaha Music Latin America presents these seminars as a service to all the directors, composers and members of the industry to increase the level of the musical performances and to improve the quality of musical literature.

Delegates are expected from Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Chile.

Featured clinicians include

* Dennis Johnson (Past-President of WASBE. Director of Bands and Orchestras, Professor of Music at Murray State University),
* Richard Miles (Director of Music and Bands, Morehead State University),
* Gustavo Fontana (Professor of Music, Manuel de Falla Conservatory, and Director of Symphonic Band of Buenos Aires),
* John Stanley (Adjunct Professor of Music Education, Sonoma State University).

“Teaching Music Through Performance in Band” will be the subject of Richard Miles’ lectures and clinics further exploring how conductors can better prepare themselves to serve the requirements of quality literature. Dennis Johnson and John Stanley will focus on providing participants with training in conducting to enhance their ability to perform works at a higher musical and technical level and, moreover, how to select the highest quality wind band literature. Gustavo Fontana will present new works for winds from Argentina.

The event will showcase a wide variety of repertoires from international publishers on levels II – V to be followed by a discussion and forum discussing the merits of each.

Additionally there will be trade exhibits from the musical industry to include media, publishers, music equipment, musical instruments, and universities.

The Seminar will also include a multimedia lecture on WASBE to familiarize the delegates with the objectives and activities of the organization. Yamaha Music Latin America has expanded its efforts to increase WASBE membership by providing generous financial support for all conductors and composers to join the organization.

Concerts and clinics will be presented by the Symphonic Band of Tocancipá, Symphonic Band of VillaMaria, Banda Mosquera, Banda Sibaté, Banda de la Peña, Barrokofilo, Fernando Rodrigues, a presentation on the Regional Bands of Colombia (Antioquia and Caldas), the National Band Competition in Paípa, Ruben Dario Gomez (trombone), and The Maintenance of Wind Instruments.

The objectives and goals of the International Seminar for Bands ardently support those of WASBE, enhancing the quality of wind band performance worldwide.

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