martes, mayo 16, 2006

Reconocimiento a Carlos Micháns


Argentine-Dutch composer CARLOS MICHÁNS is for the third time one of the winners of the Argentine "TRINAC PRIZE" ('Tribuna Nacional de Compositores'). The prize, given yearly for works composed within the past five years, is aimed mainly at promoting the music of Argentine-born composers, both in their native country and abroad.

The work by Micháns awarded the Trinac Prize 2006 is his "Sinfonia Concertante Nr. 4" (2002), commissioned by the Dutch Fund for the Creation of Music for violinist Ronald Hoogeveen, violist Francien Schatborn and the Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra.

Other Trinac-2006 winners are José Luis Campana and Luis Naón, both internationally renown composers from Argentina.

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